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Genius Light

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"Who has never dreamed, like Aladdin, of having a magic lamp with the Genie at hand?"

TALIKA did it and offers its technological discoveries today and its know-how to allow all women to fulfill their dreams.

True hi-tech concentrate, the GENIUS LIGHT mask brings together all the solutions to women's skin concerns and fulfills on demand, like a good genie, all the beauty desires they could dream of. "

Alexis de Brosses, President & Creator


The Genius Light mask combines 2 technologies:


Patented technology inspired by the work of NASA. We have discovered that each wavelength has targeted cosmetic virtues.


Highlighted by two co-winners of the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1991. It is a gentle diffusion of electrical impulses with the following effects:

1. "Lifting": reduces fine lines and wrinkles and firms the skin.2. Firming: smoothes 1st wrinkles and firms the skin.3. Toning: strengthens skin tone.4. Highlight: stimulates local microcirculation, makes the complexion pinker.5. Soothing: stimulates the release of naturally soothing and relaxing molecules. They potentiate the action of light on the skin.


Imperceptible microcurrent that helps "detoxify" the epidermis and improve the penetration of active ingredients in cosmetic products.

6. Reverse iontophoresis: imperceptible microcurrent which helps to "detoxify" the epidermis.7. Iontophoresis: improves the penetration of active ingredients in cosmetic products.

The first multifunction mask combining light therapy and electrostimulation


First Rides (1min45)

- Smoothes 1st wrinkles and firms - Stimulates cell renewal - Boosts the effectiveness of cosmetic care

Global Anti-Age (3mins45)

- Smoothes established wrinkles and firms up - Stimulates cell renewal - Reduces the complexion for a healthy glow - Boosts the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments

Anti-Dark Spot (3mins)

- Improves the radiance and uniformity of the complexion - Anti-inflammatory effect to prevent the appearance of dark spots

 Anti-Blemishes (6mins)

- Regulates the rate of sebum - Helps skin regeneration - Detox and anti-pollution effects

 Anti-Stress (3mins)

- Soothing, anti-redness - Brings well-being

 Coup D'éclat (3mins)

- Reduces the complexion - "Anti-fatigue" effect

 Detox (2 mins)

- Detox and anti-pollution effects - Helps brighten the complexion

 After Sun (4mins)

- Soothing, anti-redness - Brings well-being - Helps prevent the appearance of dark spots

how to USE

Use on cleansed skin with or without cosmetic care. Their penetration is promoted by iontophoresis.

1. Install GENIUS LIGHT by positioning it on your face as with glasses.

2. Check that the gold pellets are in good contact with your skin. Adjust the tie to your head. Remove the mask.

3. Turn on GENIUS LIGHT by pressing the center button. Select the language of your choice and the "light only" or "light + electrostimulation" mode, then the desired beauty program.

4. Moisten your face with thermal water spray, water, or with your usual lotion to promote conduction.

5. Press the center button to start the chosen program.

6. Install GENIUS LIGHT on your face and hang the clip.

7. If you have chosen the “light + electrostimulation” mode, press the up / down arrows to set the desired intensity (from 1 to 20).

The chosen program starts then stops automatically by emitting a "beep".

CLEANING : Bezel: use a microfiber cloth. Electrodes: Use a standard antiseptic.RECHARGE: USB cable supplied with the mask


Clinically proven efficacy from the first use **:


- Lion wrinkle: -12% - Chin lift effect: + 6.2% - Lower face lift: + 15.2%


Complexion radiance: + 26.7%

PATENTED: Patented technology inspired by the work of NASA and research on medical electrostimulation of a Swiss laboratory.

• 2 year warranty • USB rechargeable lithium battery.

** Clinical test - 30 subjects - 1 use

Do not use the device under the following conditions:

- Metal implant in the head or dental appliance (for electrostimulation programs only) - Pregnant and breastfeeding women - People with epilepsy - Cardiac pacemaker carriers

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France France

Poor customer car

Not professional at all. Huge disappointment. Mask broken and already used ... They were supposed to change it for a new one, one month later, I'm still waiting and no news.

Mary H.
France France


Easy to use, and have a real impact on my skin. I use it for brown tasks and when I travel and don't use it for a while, I clearly see the difference. I recommend


Good product!


I love it !!!

For the sake of objectivity, I wanted to test this mask at least 3 weeks before deciding. There we are. I am pleasantly surprised to see results so quickly. As well on the quality of the skin, as on the aspect. No more gray mine thanks to the radiance or detox program, in the morning and in the evening, I have a global anti-aging program. I was skeptical and hesitated, considering the price. But from now on, I do not pass them any more. Also helps to penetrate more deeply the treatments and therefore to make them much more effective.


Very satisfied, I can already see results on the quality of my skin, to be seen in the long term.

  • Produced in small batches with the best ingredients
  • Exclusive formulations made in France
  • Fully recyclable glass and cardboard

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